Facebook like Share post screen

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Nikhil Antapurkar | 12 xp

I want to create facebook like share post screen where user can share text,emoji,single image,single video,multiple image ,multiple image with text etc. where at top user can enter text or emoji and below that there is parent layout for Images(single/multiple) or video(single/multiple) which can be selected from gallery or camera. If single image is there then it matches its parent. if two images are there then they occupy half. If three images are there then first one is in half and remaining two occupy half-half of parent’s remaining half and so on. if images are more than five then we show it as plus button(same for video). On clicking of image, we show it as full screen and there we provide facility for crop,rotate,edit and filter image and then user can post the data.Can you help in designing with that? It has a lot of custom coding..